About me

Architect turned into a lover of the freedom expression. Passionate about life, art, design, architecture, poetry; In short to love. Based in a town of Teruel, called Cedrillas. In love with the stillness and silence. Silence and stillness that I try to portray in my work.

The meaning of my works revolves around a need to question ourselves to be free, a need to communicate the meaning of living fully through my creations. And the use of them as a vehicle to establish communication with myself.

In order to get out of the existential doubt of the human being, I need to meet my true Self. Through meditation, inner introspection, study of spiritual currents of non-duality, I reconvert my way of living to the fullest, without fear of being who I really am. Creativity becomes a search, cleaning and discovery tool.

1. Empty myself.
2. Try to make visible the beauty and freedom of silence.